About Kusheo

Sierra Leonian's Survive In One Of The Worlds Poorest Countries

Kusheo is an exciting new educational travel programme which brings third level business students from Europe to Sierra Leone for a week to meet and support three hand picked companies. This programme is designed to be mutually beneficial for both students and companies, who will gain a world of new knowledge and experiences.

Key learning for students:

  • Experience a foreign and dynamic culture and economy in a safe and organized manner
  • Contribute to the development of the economy of a developing country via organized ‘group projects’
  • Personal growth that comes with interacting with new cultures and coming face to face with how people in less developed countries live
  • Work closely with inspiring entrepreneurs and self starters
  • Undertake research projects such as market entry strategies, product diversification and marketing plans
  • Expand one’s network and potential future internships

Key learning for companies:

  • Gain valuable business knowledge from European Business Students in the form of group projects
  • Focus a student led project on one key aspect of business strategy, e.g.: a research paper for product expansion
  • Expand company network and meet potential interns

If you are interested in being part of this thrilling, new learning experience please take a look at the Applications page for more details

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